Hanging a hammock forest 7.17.11

Well since our backyard doesn't have enough mature trees to hang a hammock and I have to practice (I have the Hammock Gear Cuben Tarp and Phoenix 3/4 underquilt coming) and get ready for my SHT thru hike.
I decided to "plant" my own. Can't wait for the goodies to arrive.

First "tree" in and hardening 6x6x12 rough cedar
both "trees" in and my view
This will be my actual view as I lay in the hammock
My 9 ft Cedar "trees" 15 feet apart
I will put some wind chimes and such (maybe a place to put an extra set of prayer flags on them as well. Maybe a lantern would be nice.
It is actually quite hidden from the house.
100 degrees by 10 am, but I started early and got done by 10 am

Thanks Shug and Stormcrow- just when I thought I was done buying more outdoor gear!  LOL :-)
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