Superior Hiking Trail- Prehike plans August 2011

Well I am committed now. I have just sealed up and mailed off the re-supply boxes for the Superior Hiking Trail thru hike. August 19- Sept 2. 202.5 miles from the Canadian border hiking south to Gooseberry State Park.  I will start off with 4 days of food. I will have 2 spots I will re-supply, A B&B I will stay after the 4th day and the Finland MN post office, which is 2 miles off the trail. I will pick up 6 days worth of food at the B&B along with more soap, bug spray, and some other items- then I will pick up 4 days supplies again in Finland, MN along with a change of hiking shoes if I need them

( click on map to make it larger) 
I have previously done 62 miles of this trail before so the last couple of days ( the hardest, by all accounts, will be familiar territory) Taken together I will have hiked the entire traditional length of the trail.

Here is half the food all laid out for inspection and packaging. I have about 12 ounces of food a day, keeping the weight down as much as possible. I will run about a 3000 calorie per day deficit, so when I stop at the B&B on the 5th night, I will get a Pizza!  ;-)

I should average about 13.8 miles per day. A very easy pace to keep up, with so much daylight. Of course I will be using my hammock this time.
This is by far the most involved hike I have planned. It requires re-supply, shuttles, campground and B&B reservation and parking permits.

You will be able to follow my progress on SPOT as I go. see the link on the left side of the blog or here

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