Cuivre River pre-hike April 27, 2013

Since I will be going on the Hammock Forums Ozark Trail #5 Hang next weekend I thought I should get out with a pack and walk a bit before hitting Taum Sauk cold. I haven't really been out with a pack since the Smokies in February.
It was a rainy day, but very nice temperatures I got out on the trail at 8 am for about 7-8 miles. I was carrying about 12 lbs with water.

The Bluebells were out in full force along the trail today

Everything was very green and wet.

 The Cuivre River trail is marked with a red blaze
 I like going on the Cuivre River trail, as it goes by and old town and the ridge vista, but it is open to horses and can be ( and was) very muddy

 Lots more wildflowers and bluebells along the trail

 the bluff has a great view of the valley and the trail travels along the edge for about 1 mile
 This is what horses can do to a trail!

Panorama of the bluff view (above) and the woods (below)

Cuivre River Trail - 8 miles- 3 hrs
Animals Scene:
Deer ( about dozen big white tail)
Turkey Vultures ( a whole tree full of them)
1 horse with rider
2 morel hunters

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