R.V. weekend with Graham Cave State Park April 19-21, 2013

We thought we would get away for just a few days close by and make sure the RV was ready for the season- we are still thinking about getting something different. We went just 40 miles west to Kan-Do Campground which is only one mile from Graham Cave State Park.

Driving along on the highway to Kan-Do campground
on Saturday we decided to walk down to Graham Cave State Park.
If you look closely on the left side of the road you will see the last of the white tail deer that bounded in front of us while walking
Graham Cave is the first protected archeological site in Missouri.

 Spring wildflowers were just getting started along the trail to the cave

Trail work steps to start the trail to Graham Cave in the park 
Graham Cave 
A little horsing around and warrior pose above Graham Cave
nice waterfall below Graham Cave
Campfire at the RV park in the evenings keeping everything nice and warm

Kan-Do Campground - Exit 170 off Hwy 70
Graham Cave State Park 

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