Just A Walk In The Woods- July 19th

This is actually the first walk I have taken since returning from Scotland. Besides taking a Trainer class with my :wife, which took me 5 days to recover from, I have been back an work travelling and doing all the other "real life" stuff. So while Vicky went to the gym this morning, I headed over to Lost Valley to do the 12 miles loop trail. It was a perfect cool morning and I got their just after 6:30 am. I wanted to get a good start and get up in the woods before the mountain bike crowd arrived. I manage the 12 miles in 3 hours and 10 minutes

 Early morning trail to myself and the bluebells are in full bloom along the trail (below)

 the beaver pond below in the sunshine as I am still in the shadow of the trees

It didn't take long for the bikers to catch me and I had to step aside for about a dozen this morning.
I collected a biker water bottle, a CO2 cartridge and some allen keys along the trail. I guess they don't hear or feel them fall to the ground.
 (Below) my timing was good as it appears that the grass had just been cut on either side of the trail. No bugs or ticks to mess with in the usual tall grass of summer today.

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