Just A Sunday Walk- Katy Trail July 20th

The weather has been very nice for July in Missouri. The temperatures this morning were in the high 60's. Vicky was going to go to the gym to work out which left me with nothing to do. I asked her if she would rather just go walking on the Katy Trail. The Katy Trail is a 200+ mile abandoned railway line that has been converted to a walking/biking path.

 We started from the Weldon Springs parking area and were going to walk 3 miles to Defiance, MO and back. A total of a quick 6 miles to stretch the legs

The first/last part of the walk has some great limestone cliffs lining the trail.
The old wooden bridge that was damaged in a flood of the creek has been replaced by a giant concrete one that will last a thousand years!

The trail crosses the Femme Osage Creek. This is one of the camp sites for the 1809 Lewis and Clark Expedition  that came up the Missouri River.

The town of Defiance would appeal to our friend Alan Sloman from the UK. (it appeals to us as well)  The trail passes right through town and there is the Yellow Farmhouse Winery, the Defiance Roadhouse and the Defiance Bar and Grille, one on each corner. Great for a relaxing stop at the half way turn around point!

Can't miss Vicky in her bright gym cloths on the trail- actually she fits in as usual
More bikes today in the nice weather.

The only animals we saw today- a turtle in the Femme Osage Creek, and our little catepillar friend getting out of the direct sunshine. 

A very nice way to spend the morning.

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