More TGO Training April 11-12, 2014

With 26 days to go it was time for some real world practice. I packed the pack with 24 pounds (more than I will carry) and went out to do my local trail (Lost Valley) for some real training. I did the 9 miles loop twice, once each day and kept a 3 mph pace. 18 miles in 6 hours, not bad for a shake down walk. I was testing whether the iphone would be a good enough camera to take and save some weights on the trip, so the first 3 or 4 pictures are from my iphone 4S. The answer is no, I will take my phone as it has the GPS on it and also the Landranger app to send location beacons, but the camera has to come for better pictures and any movie moments.

 Spring is trying its best to start up around town. Water is flowing and green is starting to push through

 more of the old mining operation and roads that used to be on this property during WWII

Red Buds are blooming 

 Primrose (above) 
Dogwoods are also blooming (above and below)

Periwinkle (above) 
 Old trail bridge

Slow moving friend (above)
 Trail lined in green (above) 

African Violets, I think (above) 
Trail lined with Daffodils, just about to open

Beaver Pond on the way out.

The first two days in Scotland are the toughest for this year, both days are 9 miles each but cover up to 2100 feet in elevation. I should have the entire route posted by next week or the week after as Vicky and I are taking our traditional Bell Mountain pre-hike next weekend to go close to the highest point in Missouri for more training and a night out so she can test all her gear.

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  1. Great pics! Hope next weekend is perfectly successful!


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