TGO Challenge 2015 Day 9 Wild Camp at Millie's Bothy to Stotfield Hotel, Lossiemouth

Day 9
At last a short day. With our schedule this year we are not getting a zero day (a day with no miles) so I tried to blend in a few days under 10 miles, although I am not sure Vicky thinks of them as nero's ( a day with almost zero miles)!

 The weather was unsettled during the night and there was rain and wind till the early hours, but the day dawned bright and sunny, but very cold. We had on every layer of cloths to start the day. Except for one man walking his dog on the beach last night we still have the coast to ourselves this morning.

Just a mere 10 miles today to Lossiemouth and the Stotfield Hotel. 
First up today is the small community of Burghead. We were up and through Burghead before most people were awake but we did manage to find the Co-Op (thanks Gayle for the all the GPS coordinates of the grocery stores, they were perfect). They had some fresh breakfast rolls so we got some Milk and some donuts for Vicky and a sausage roll for me and sat outside on the street and had breakfast.
For general information Burghead has a lovely park on the highest point in the city that would have been a great campsite, right by the visitors information building, which is very unusual shape. 
it is up on the cliff to the left in the photo below

The Visitors Center Burghead-
The site of the former coastguard lookout has now been adapted for use as a visitor centre. It will take visitors through the history of the area from about 400AD to the present time. To adapt the lookout building which was built on the inner rampart of the fort, over 300 tons of rubble put there by the Picts some 1500 years ago was removed by hand.
Burghead visitor centre has now been awarded three star grading and mobility access certificate from Visit Scotland.

Walking around the coastline of Burghead early on a Saturday morning. The town along the sea (above), looking down at the harbor (below)

The harbor point (Below)

Standing out on the furthermost cliffs (Craig above), Looking down the cliff face (Below)

 leaving Burghead you walk along the cliff tops to Hopeman

Then on a good bike path for awhile
Moray Coast sign in Hopeman- Lossiemouth is our destination today.

Hopeman Harbor

Hopeman Beach area had some really nice and colorful shacks. I presume people either own these or rent them for day use when the weather is nice. It was much to cold to be in the water today. 

The trail moves up from the water level to the cliff's. Not surprisingly another golf course just on the cliff edges. 
 Sculptor's cave (above) and more great views out to sea (below) 

As we approached Lossiemouth the tide was up this morning (above) so we had to walk along the dune side path, not bad but not as nice as the beach.  you can see the lighthouse in the distance. The wind was very strong today along the ocean.

 The lighthouse at Lossiemouth. The lighthouse is at the beginning of the beach as you come from the west, so it is still 2.1 miles from the lighthouse to town.

Back walking along the beach. 

 The day brightened considerable, even though the wind was still strong. The rain would come in waves. just 15 minutes from taking this picture it was pouring cold rain on us and then by the time we actually got to Lossiemouth it had stopped again.
The Stotfield Hotel- Very posh for us. I am sure by the looks we got when I checked in, we were far dirtier than any of their previous patrons. Not surprising again the hotel is directly across from the golf course facing the ocean

 We got to our hotel by noon, so we could take advantage of almost a full day off. There was hot water for a long bath for Vicky and the hotel had good food and good service. Vicky has been getting some swelling on her feet for the past day or so, so I went to the bar to get a bag full of ice and of course a couple of hard ciders to ease the pain. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, resting and eating in the hotel bar and restaurant.

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  1. Bet that hot water was the best treat of all!!!


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