Father's Day RV weekend Lake of the Ozarks State Park- June 19-21 2015

Vicky and I took the RV out again this weekend. Continuing our every weekend in June theme to get out with the RV. This weekend Emily and Anthony brought the girls down for the weekend as well.
We stayed by the water at Lake of the Ozark State Park and they stayed in a hotel up in town next to with the shopping malls, swimming pools, and amusement parks.

All pictures this weekend taken with iPhone
 We didn't get away until late on Friday after work so by the time we arrived down at Lake of the Ozarks it was getting dusk and the deer were out in the park
We got the RV in and set up on the first try and just hung out for the evening by ourselves
The kids came down even later on Friday, but on Saturday we all went to Miner Mike's and indoor amusement park where they had a great time

Cali and Alyssa riding the roller coaster

On the Ferris Wheel. There was also a giant Maze they spent almost an hour inside.

Cali (above) and Emily, Vicky, Alyssa (Below) 
 After word there was some shopping (there is a huge outlet mall in Lake Ozark). We left the kids at Miner Mike's and we went back to the RV. Eventually everyone showed up and we went swimming in the Lake, watched movies, played around the Park and made a fire

 The park was completely full with RV and campers all weekend.

We made a great picnic dinner and ate outside- despite it being in the 90's all day on Saturday.

 I got my favorite Dark Chocolate Seafoam for Father's day.

We slept in on Father's day (Sunday) and packed up and got home just before more big rain back home. - It was a great weekend.

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  1. Looks like a good time was had by all! You are a great Dad to take on the whole gang for Fathers Day. Keep taking the weekends in June and July for that matter. You are Vicky can always use the "get away" time for yourselves. Love you


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