Jellystone RV campground, Eureka, MO June 6-7

Well in the midst of finishing all the posts for the TGO Challenge 2015. I had to get the RV unwinterized and ready for the season. We have every weekend in June booked to go somewhere. We don't really have any agenda other than to just through a dart at a map and go where it says. We only had one day this weekend so we decided to go to Jellystone campground. This is an RV park catering to families with small kids, but we thought we would go anyway as it is close to home and also to check it out to bring Cali and Alyssa back for a weekend.

We got the RV set up at site 22 a nice shady spot and started getting used to where to store eveything.
This park is right next to SIX FLAGS a very famous amusement park in St.Louis. There are several six flags around the US.

The park has lots to offer kids and while we didn't ride the train we did walk around the entire park a few times and take advantage of the "all you can eat" pancake breakfast on Sunday morning.

 you can write Yogi and Boo-boo a letter and you can also get your picture taken with them!
we are such dorks!

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  1. Enjoyed your blog about both camp outs. Sorry you were by yourself on one of them, but Vicky sent some great pictures of Nashville and their good times at the concerts. While reading, it made me remember all our little outings, and I wished I was there with you, wine and all!


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