Onondaga State Park- RV weekend Sept 25-27

We had planned to go to Onondaga Cave Campground with two sets of friends from Vicky's work at the Hospital and also my parents who were in town for a couple of weeks from Florida. I made reservations at a family campsite months ago, but when the day arrived to go, noone could make it but Vicky and I. So off we headed for a quiet weekend in the RV.

We arrived Friday night around 5 pm and set up the RV.

This particular campsite has room for 2 RV's and some tents or hammocks, we were expecting a party!

 The evening was lovely and I was looking forward to seeing the Super Moon later in the weekend from a really dark site.  We made a fire and sat out and just relaxed until about 10 pm.

The night was awesome with temperatures down in the low 50's and we sleep with all the windows of the RV open and the breeze.
The next morning we took our usual walk around the campground to see all the other RV's people have and say hello.

The campground was full by mid-day but last night had been really quiet and it seemed we did not have any real partiers in the campsite this weekend. We also didn't seem to have many giant RV's. Most were of the same order as ours - trailers and 5th wheels.
We did find out that there was going to be a Green Fest at the Pavilion starting at 10 am. This was going to support and foster the "Green" lifestyle. We decided to walk down and check it out.

 Missouri State Parks sponsored a band and their were tents with Merchants selling their crafts. Pottery, Bird Houses, Alpaca wool items, etc. Of course Vicky had to pick up a thing or two!

The highlight for me though was a surprise Microbrew tent. They were surving 2 oz samplers of some Missouri Microbrews.... no limit to the number of samples you could ask for!

 Oh I was in beer heaven... I actually learned about a new brewery in Southern Missouri and the beer was really good.

Piney River Brewing Company

After we went back to the RV for a nap! Then after we got up we went to look at the Meramec River that flows right next to the park. There is an excellent river outfitter right next to the park Missouri Outdoors and there were lots of people on float trips later in the day.

We stayed around the RV, made dinner and watched some movies and just enjoyed the day and quiet.
We sat outside until late and I hung the awning lights

We had another awesome fire and the evening was very quiet again.

We had planned to stay another day and come home on Monday, but with no one else there Vicky decided to work on Monday, so we packed up and headed home in the morning.

Hopefully we can plan another weekend when everyone can make it. 

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