Overnight RV trip Bass Resort Oct 9, 2015

We were going out for the weekend, but Vicky got Cardinal baseball tickets for Saturday night and then I got two games I needed to officiate so we decided to go camping for just one night. Vicky had never been to Bass Resort but I had, so we went down for a quiet night on what turned out to be a lovely weekend. Bass resort is only about 2 hours south of our house near Steelville, MO.

I choose site 255 or 274 because that has the best view out to the farmer field away from the campsite the Ozark Trail runs along the back fence line and up into the hills

Set up and ready to relax (above) and an empty campsite compared to the last time I was here in the summer 

Chillin' by the fire, while dinner is cooking

The required RV meal, steak and corn on the cob with some pasta salad.

 Vicky's approved, because all she has to do is sit and wait for me to cook in the RV

Found an awesome new beer from a Missouri Brewery.
both these brews are excellent

As it got dark we just burned the fire and enjoyed the campground virtually all to ourselves

 The morning dawned foggy with blue sky above the contrast made for a great scene.

We took a great walk along the Huzzah River. The water was still and swallow and just some of the Maples had started to turn colors. 

We heard many animals during the night and Vicky was surprised the cows made so much noise when they are in their natural setting.


It was fun to get away even for a night.

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  1. As usual--great pictures! Glad to see that you got away even for one night!


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