Lakeshore Trail GSMNP Day 3 February 2012

Rain, Rain, Rain... that is the start of our day. the previous 2 days had been sunny all day, but today the clouds rolled in during the night and started to rain early. We only had 8 miles to go today, so we piled on the rain gear and started about 8:30 am after packing up and having some breakfast of pop tarts and clementines

Water everywhere as every stream was running well

today was the first time the Lakeshore trail actually took us by the lake for most of the day

 Wet but having a good time
Many old homesteads along the Lakeshore trail. this was the proposed "Highway to Nowhere" so you could see homes and old abandon cars from the 30's to 40's as well.
 one of the homesteads had planted daylilies and they were already coming up.

Campsite 98 by a roaring stream, but wet. no way to make a fire or stay outside. We arrived in camp around 1 pm and spent the next 16 hours in the tent. Moved the cooking pot just outside to make dinner around 7:30 pm. Had to get something hot inside us, to try and ward off the chill.

Day 3:
8 miles in 4hr 30min
16 hours tent bound
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