Lakeshore Trail GSMNP Day 4 February 2012

The final day- the rain stopped during the night and we woke up and got everything packed about 7:30 am. Today we started with everything we had to wear. The day promised to warm up, but not until the sun could break through and we had to pack up everything that was wet.

Christine is happy to get moving after being trapped in the tent all night.
 The lone trees of brown we have been seeing are the Beech trees. they keep their brown leaves all winter and then the new ones push the old ones out. I found out later that Beech leaves burn wet or dry. this would have been nice to help make a fire the previous night in the rain.

These 3 pictures are just an example of the many blow downs, mostly Hemlock that we had to get around all 4 days of the trip

 The day did turn bright and sunny. the temperature stayed low in the mid 40's for most of the day, but the sunshine was welcome after the rain of the night before

We crossed Forney Creek- the day seemed to fly by and I made more than one comment to turn around and start back the other way or go on up another trail and just keep going.

 sunshine made nice shadows and helped the day to pass quickly.

The road to nowhere ends at the tunnel built but never used.
Christine posing against a silhouette of the tunnel entrance

Finished put not really ready for it to end. waiting for the shuttle to take us back to the car we left at Twenty Mile ranger station

Day 4:
12 miles hiked, 6 hours
Recommended Restaurants:
Lulu's in Sylva
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