Ozark Trail Hike Berryman Campground to Hwy A (Bell Mountain) 39 miles November 13-15, 2013 Day 2

 Day 2 - Ridge above Snapps Branch to Trace Creek area.  10 miles

The second day dawned as good as the first and even a little warmer.It was great view of the surrounding hills

 We had climbed to the ridge line to take advantage of the first rays of sun and not spend the night in the "Hollar" where it would be colder longer- we were right, we got the sun right away.

 Bob getting everything packed up and ready to move out.

another nice day to walk in the woods

After walking through the Hazel Creek campsite we came to Town Branch (above) had water and small Trout! Interesting it appeared that they had just put brand new power lines through this area.

Hazel Creek had water and some issues getting across, but no one got too wet....

More woods

The little things- this is water that "leaks" out of the grasses and plants and freezes in the cold air as it curls escapes into fantastic sculptors

Small mosses and lichens 
 as well as "turkey" fungus growing all around the trail. I like observing the little views
but of course there are plenty of big views as well.

Bob moving up the trail

Trace Creek old homestead with all the is left is the chimney (above)


 Trace Creek just beyond the homestead, perfect reflection of the trees above and clear water to see the leaves that had fallen in the creek. The water was so clear here you could see small fish and a crawfish in the bottom.

More on Eric's Hammock. Getting out of the hammock this morning Eric heard a rip and this is what occurred. we had planned to hike another 5-6 miles today, but since it was mid afternoon and this needed to be repaired and tested we decided to find a campsite just along Trace Creek. We climbed a hill again after getting water and set up camp

Eric had a sewing kit with pre-threaded needles ( thanks goodness because I can't thread a needle anymore without my glasses). we proceeded to sew the hammock back together. And the best part is actually worked!

Bob made another great fire and we relaxed for a very nice evening. 

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