Ozark Trail Hike Berryman Campground to Hwy A (Bell Mountain) 39 miles November 13-15, 2013 Day 3

Day 3- Trace Creek to Hwy DD Trailhead- with the group 5.5 miles
It was very windy and cold last night and I had the tarp pitched low to block some of the wind, but I had the hammock system "dialed in" and was actually sweating at certain points in the night and had to take cloths off to vent.
We got water from Trace creek again and started out about 8:15 am. we had some miles to do but the guys had not sleeped very well, waking up with a fever and various sore ligaments and feet issues. the discussion was the they would stop at Hwy DD ( Council Bluffs Lake Parking Lot) after 5.5 miles and I would hike on to the Hwy A trailhead, and additional 12 miles get Bob's car and come get them.

Eric on the left and Bob below still made good time in the morning even nursing some ailments

more small things

Wilderness boundry marker reminding everyone that ATV are not allowed. With hunting season approaching that is pretty much ignored in this area.

The Beech trees had dropped their yellower leaves and it made a nice contrast to the normal brown and reddish of the oak and maples.

We arrived at Hwy DD in just 2 hours, for 5.5 miles and after some discussion it was decided that Bob and Eric would hang out in the parking area and I would hike on. I dropped my food, except for some snacks and my cook kit and took off down the trail. It was 10:30 am.

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