TGO challenge training together begins March 15, 2014

Well training has actually been going on for months. Vicky has been in the gym and with a personal trainer since October/November. I have continued to referee hockey games and work out on my own, but today we hiked together and it was a great success. We went out for a little hike together on the trail to give Vicky an idea of what her pack would feel like (it is loaded with accurate gear and the actual weight she will carry- 12 lbs) and I had a pack with a few items as well. I was hoping for 3-4 miles, but Vicky did the entire 11 mile loop at Lost Valley Trail.
BIG SUCCESS and WELL DONE. with 52 more days to train it is a good start.

 We started around 9:30 and it was in the 60's already. Winter is trying to hang on (as it is snowing again the next day as I type this) but today was a great day to walk

 Lost Valley is also a bike trail and there were many mountain bikes out but we still had long sections where we were the only ones on the trail.

 Good creek crossing practice with the pack

 We only stopped for a brief 15 minute break and we were back on the trail

 The trail covers mixed terrain- Gravel road, double track dirt and single track woods 
Vicky at the 10 mile mark with just the 1 mile left to the parking lot and car. A great first effort and I reminded her that is the distance from Inverey to Sourlies Bothy the first day of the TGO Challenge!  She was very excited.

11 miles = 4.5 hours full pack weight. no blisters and while her feet hurt, by evening it was all forgotten and ready to do it again.

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