TGO Training continued....

Sunday March 23, 2014

11 more miles on the Lost Valley Trail carrying a full pack weight of 20 lbs. It was only 28 degrees when I started at 9 am. I managed to make it almost all the way around without bikes until the last 2 miles when I was overtaken by a dozen or so. There is a big race there next Sunday so I will have to find somewhere else to train next week. I also made another discovery on the trail. the Boone-Dunlap Cemetery. (That is Daniel Boone's family) I knew it was back here somewhere but until today I never saw it off the trail.

 It helps when you not looking down at your feet and can actually look up and around- you actually see things!

 Buried 1892

Small Child only lived 6 months. Died March 1879

11 miles = 3hr 20 min. started out 28 degrees finished in the sunshine but only 35 degrees.

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