TGO Training - Lost Valley Trail April 15th 2018

Vicky and I finally had a chance to do a walk together. We have been training for the TGO this year mostly separately as time has permitted. We packed our packs with actual Challenge weights. Vicky will be walking with 13 pounds and mine around 20 depending on total food weight. We went out to Lost Valley, our usual training ground. In this case we did a loop that will be the same distance as our first three days (around 10 miles) 

The weather has been very unsettled for the past month. Winter will not go away and spring has yet to show herself except for a single day here and there.
Today the temperature was in the mid thirties and windy. Seemed like fairly good Scottish weather for a practice run.

The trail at Lost Valley looks in some spots like many Range Rover tracks in Scotland so it all seemed like good training today. 

Some historic trash around the trail from a bygone day when this area was heavily used during and right after WWII

Vicky moving down the trail with a full pack (above and below)

No leaves yet, but that gives the best views 

Rocky trail along the way

Muddy in spots

Down the hill

Stopped for a brief rest in the old abandoned pavilion 

Stream along the trail

Beaver pond- almost there 

No turkey or deer in the big field this time 

9.8 miles in 3.5 hours with full packs = 2.8 mph

It was a good day to get out albeit chilly, but nice to get the feel of a full pack so we can make any changes to our gear before we leave in a few weeks. Hopefully we will be able to get out at least one more time before we go to make sure everything is dialed in

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  1. good day for your prep, but to bad the weather couldn't have been nicer for your walk. However, a trip to the brewery later made the day a little brighter!! lol


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