TGO Training Hike #2 Lost Valley

Vicky and I went out for another hike at Lost Valley with full packs again today. Not quite as long as the first, but Vicky has two knees with new cortisone shots and the Dr. told her to go light for a couple of days. She has timed the shots to give maximum effect in Scotland.
It was a beautiful day and everyone and their brother were out today. We got about 4.5 miles in total

The temperature said 50 but it was breezy and a bit bold this morning as we started, but as soon as the sun was fully on us it warmed up nicely.

Spring is trying its best to start, but it is not getting any help.

Both the soft and hard woods are still bare.

Vicky working the trail above the beaver pond

a few glimpses of spring flowers but still hidden in the undergrowth mostly

Beaver Pond from above 

Forsythia lining the trail

A field of wild yellow ( I think this is called Butterweed)

We went up the road that we don't normally explore today. Across the creek and up the hill.

We found and huge pond at the top of the hill 

At what was really strange a full handicapped parking lot at the edge of the pond, but no road that leads up to it. We walked a barely gravel path and then WHAM! a old abandoned concrete parking lot.

Missouri's Spring time clock, the Red Bud, when it is bloom, spring is here! 

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