Vicky's Days 6-8 TGO Challenge 2018

So where was Vicky while I was on a few days solo in Scotland?
We parted on Day 6 at the fantastic Rannoch Moor Hotel. I hiked on to the wine and cheese party and Vicky headed for Inverness as an intermediate step to Aviemore the following day.

Vicky's photos from around Rannoch Moor Hotel. You can also tell the fabulous day it was for her and me that day.

The hotel grows all its own vegetables for use in the hotel meals

 A train back to Ft William and then a bus to Inverness and a short walk to the Student Hostel. We had seen this place in '15 when we spent the night at a B&B across the street and I knew it would be a good safe (cheap) place for Vicky to stay as all the hotels were booked for the night. It is close to the train station. As it turned out the girl at the check in desk was from St. Louis Missouri and grew up only a few blocks from where Vicky grew up. They went to the same high school. It can be a very small world afterall. She shared her dorm room with 5 girls traveling from China.  

And right across the street from the Inverness Castle, which is also the end of the Great Glen Way. 

Another view of the front of the Student Hostel in Inverness

Vicky made it to Aviemore in fine fashion and immediately fell in with some Challenger's there for their day off.
(L-R) Sam Hackett, doing his 20th Crossing and Terry Leyland doing his 19th and Jim Davidson, his 8th Crossing (thanks Mick), all of them keep Vicky company and entertained.

While I was dining on freeze dried food, Vicky was hanging in the sun and having fresh fish and chips! 

Vicky also ran into the other Vicky (Grace) along with Toby and the newest addition to their family, their son Rowan. They are not on the Challenge this year, although Rowan has already been up many mountains and out on the trail plenty, they were doing Trail Angel work along the route this year. 

That night Vicky got to see Tweed in the Cairngorm Hotel and was also in the good company of the famous Lee Wells, Tony Bowe and Bob Cartwright.

I think she had a good time! 


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