Superior Hiking Trail- Day 2 Sunday July 11

Last night I thought the college kids had a disco light show going on, except it was the lighting and rain. Did I mention that my tarptent had never been tested in the rain. It is a single wall shelter with nothing between me and getting completely soaked except a micron thin layer of sil-nylon. I did seal the seams when I got it.
It worked fantastic, not one drop of water got through and it RAINED buckets all night
The next day I was up early and away, it was wet but another nice trail to walk.
I am glad I didn't attempt to get to Bear Lake the day before. It was not so much the distance as it was a lot more up and down today. The ridges do give a good view though
A view of Bear Lake and Bean Lake behind. you can tell another storm in approaching

I past a couple of tents pitched here on the ridge above Bean Lake ( below) I wonder how they liked the storm last night being so exposed.
The rain moved in quickly and I just barely had time to get on my rain jacket
After the rain storm my camera was too wet for photos. There was a really lovely camping spot called Beaver River, with a nice double waterfall, but I pushed on. When I got to Fault Line Ridge campsite (below) and dried everything out, the camera started working again.
Nearing Penn St parking lot, the end of the last section, I was joined by a couple that I had camped with last night and they were kind enough to give me some extra moleskin and tape for my feet. After I got everything dried out, I took a look at how my feet were doing... The extra supplies I got will be needed.

Dried out and relaxing
The mosquito's were particularly fierce here tonight, with the beaver pond was just 200 feet away

dinner and some orange drink to help the brown water! (above)
Great view from laying in my tent as the sun sets ( below)
14 miles in 7.5 hours.
Up and over Round Mountain, Bear Lake, Bean Lake, finish at Fault Line Campsite.

Below are 2 videos from day 2. I had made a video describing the coming storm and just after the storm began

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