Superior Hilking Trail- Day 5- Wednesday July 14

It has been amazing to me the amount of people I have seen carrying huge packs. the college kids and the other hikers I have seen have been carrying 50 lbs with big heavy boots. They have been spending the same amount of time on the trail but only going a total of 18-24 miles compared to my 60.

Up and out by 7 am. Day 5 still has some crap trail until you reach the Castle Danger parking lot. It would be my advice to just avoid the Castle Danger to Gooseberry section. The short hike up to Wolf Rock is fine, but otherwise I would just avoid this section.

Up to Wolf Rock
The only view from Wolf Rock today is of the next storm coming in.
There is actually a sign pointing out the mass amount of poisin ivy on this slope...As alergic as I am to poison ivy I booked through this section and tried to not even breath.
The Encampment River section was actually some of the toughest climbing since the first day, all in the last 2 1/2 miles before the end.
Storm coming, again!

Before the storm arrived it got very dark very fast. The video below shows what it looked like at 9 am.
Oh my did it rain. I have never seen a storm with thunder as loud or lighting as close
7.5 miles in 3 hrs.

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