Superior Hiking Trail- Pre-Trip- July 2010

Pre-Hike overview-

The Plan was to hike 60 miles north to south on the SHT from Hwy 6 below Caribou waysite back to the parking lot starting point at Hwy 301. I have given myself 4.5 days.
What started out to be a simple plan to get away for a couple of days has turned into a major introspective journey and a questioning of many issues that have been brought up by this hike.
Will my knee hold up? What about the problems I have been having with my feet? Or the pain in my hip?
Then there is the issue that I haven't done any long distance adventures in more than 10 years without Christine as a partner, and she is the better navigator.
In fact this will be the longest hike I have done alone. And this is suppose to be a warm up for the 160 mile solo hike I have planned in the fall in GSMNP.
I am in Duluth now less than 12 hours from the start. the pack is a comfortable weight of 20 lbs that includes food and water for 4.5 days. The shuttle will pick me up at 8:15 am from the 301 parking lot and I should be on the trail 60 miles away by 10:30 am. The first day is the only other issue. 15 miles of unknown in what I consider my half day. Nothing to do now by get some sleep.

Pre-hike packing- 4.5 days of food packed and labeled and fitting neatly in one UL sack.
Everyday has a Breakfast (poptarts- rasperry 400 calories for 2)
3 Snacks- peanut butter crackers, beef jerky, pringles
1 Dinner ( noodles or potatoes) this is the only hot meal
1 Dessert - snickers

The whole pack with food and 1 liter of water is 20lbs. This should be a very do-able weight.
ready to go!

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