Peck's Ranch Stegall Mountain October 2012

I didn't get to hike through Peck's Ranch and see the Elk as I had planned, so I took a run down there yesterday to see if I could see the newest animal residence of Missouri, the return of the Elk. Well as it turns out I didn't see any... they were reported in the meadows in the morning, but by the time I arrived about 9:30 am, they had all moved into the woods and I could not find them. After the tour of Peck's Ranch Conservation area, I decided to head up to the firetower at the top of Stegall Mountain for a quick hike and the view.

 This Elk on the sign, would be the only Elk I would see today. the Ranch is 11 miles two track roads around various meadows and woodland areas

The ranch is covered with thick forest and open meadows for the Elk habitat
 I did manage to find the Ozark Trail running through Peck's Ranch. This is the route I would have followed

Stegall Mountain Conservation Area

 Fire tower on Stegall Mountain and some of the Missouri rock formations in the area

Panorama from the top of the firetower
(North and East)

 South and West (below)
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