RV weekend at Mark Twain State Park with Chris and Dad- October 2012

The last real weekend chance to get out before all the leaf color is gone. I took my Dad and Brother on a fishing, relaxing weekend to Mark Twain State Park. I have never been to Mark Twain and it turned out to be a very nice park.
 we arrived just as the sun was going down Friday night. Red sky at night

The morning dawned clear and chilly
 Chris and Dad made the best of trying to catch some fish, but the temps were cold and the lake was drawn down for the winter already

When they were done, I made a quick 2.5 mile trip around a couple of the loops just to get some excercise- I couldn't have eaten any more this week and weekend if I tried.

Some of the color was still left in the trees.

Saturday evening was another nice sunset and a great roaring fire. A nice way to spend the weekend with my brother and dad.

Panorama of Mark Twain Lake
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