RV weekend at Lake Ozark State Park- October 2012

The last weekend of my vacation and Vicky and her girlfriends are going to the Lake of the Ozarks outlet mall to shop and hang for the weekend. I decided to take the RV to the Lake of the Ozark State Park and hang by myself for the weekend as well.

the scenary was just before peek for the colors and I had lots of quiet time to just read and relax

the weather was cloudy and raining for most of the weekend, but the water was calm and it was good just to putts around with nothing really to do.
a nice fire and a nice sunset
the wildlife was really active around the park. I just sat and watched and they all just came by to say hi!

This guy was just banging away and I don't remember ever seeing a woodpecker this large. he was about 24" tall!

Mr squirrel (superfat!) and Mr. Turtle just took their time wandering thru camp
A whole family of deer, just wandered thru in the evening as if I wasn't sitting 20 feet from them.

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